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Director’s message To Prospective Parents

prometheus school director usha lamba
Ms. Usha Lamba
Director- Prometheus School

The English notion of, “it takes a village to raise a child”, is something that I believe in deeply, and believe that it is more important now than ever. So as I start to put a new school together my focus on leadership vision starts with Leaders breed leaders of tomorrow.

So I start with focusing on team mate’s strengths, I show that I value their expertise first, before I start to support their growth in other areas and this focus on strength based leadership will certainly filter down as a school culture and trickle into classrooms to create leaders who will make a difference in the World we live in.

As a society that continues to change, students who are willing to adapt and learn from change now, will be the ones that are most likely to be successful in the future.  As we see different jobs being created in our world, while other jobs are becoming irrelevant, we look to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs in schools, with immense capacity to adjust and blossom in a changing environment. While we look and build on what has worked in the past, we must also continuously look forward as a school and clearly visualize the futuristic requirements of education in an evolving school and world.

One of those changes in our world is a shift to an open and transparent environment.  As an administrator, I have the opportunity to become better by continuously being able to visit classrooms and see what the most effective teachers do.  Peers do not have this same opportunity because of our physical environment.  So I tap into the “wisdom of the room” and bring in different voices to continuously learn and grow; futuristic schools need to do the same.

To be successful, people must have a purpose within our organization.  This includes parents who are a great untapped resource within our own communities. The more we can involve parents in this process at home, the more likely students will be successful in school, and beyond.  This community support is imperative as we look at futuristic models.  We can no longer have children going home and being asked the question, “what did you learn today?”, and responding with, “nothing.” Instead our classroom doors are open and porous through both physical and virtual environments, thereby enriching the conversations at home.

A huge shift to an open and transparent school is the way forward to a peep into the realistic world. Through the use of different technologies such as blogging and Twitter, we open up our classrooms to other educators not only in our own schools, but to schools around the world to bring them in on this collaboration.  As I always focus on “what is best for kids”, it is crucial that we look to not only help our own students, but have meaningful reach-out programs woven into the fabric of learning.
Building relationships, developing leadership, and focusing on school as the “hub” of our learning community will create an environment where our students will be better equipped to build a better world for themselves and others.

Hoping to build a better world with Prometheans as we reimagine learning!
-Ms. Usha Lamba