Director’s message To Prospective Parents

prometheus school director usha lamba
Ms. Usha Lamba
Director- Prometheus School

Thank you for your interest in Prometheus School.

Prometheus is an excellent choice for parents in Noida. It is offering a well-rounded pre- school program that has been inspired by Reggio practices and is a very active, pedagogy perfect educational program from Italy.

If you have not already done so, I would strongly encourage you to make an appointment to visit and tour the school, meet our staff and see the education “in action” in our Pre- primary school.

We believe, as many educators and philosophers have stated that it is time for a new model in K-12 education. It is time for more authentic, inquiry-based learning to be the basis upon which everything else is built. And it is time we paid attention to students’ social and emotional development as well as their intellectual development.

Prometheus provides an inquiry-based education that is engaging and collaborative. We nurture students’ ability to take on challenging problems and do meaningful work, and help them become compassionate, intelligent learners. Students interact with the real world and with topic experts and pose and seek the answers to their own questions.

We are committed to nurturing our students’ social-emotional development, helping them build the kinds of skills that lead to success both today and in their futures, like collaborating well with others, perspective-taking, resolving conflicts, taking healthy risks, articulating needs and recognizing others’ needs, and having the confidence to experiment, “fail,” adapt, and try again.

We are committed to building a strong community of families — with a shared commitment to the success of all our children and regular opportunities to contribute skills, talents, and expertise.
We aim to show what’s possible when you engage students in meaningful work grounded in their own experience,

Soliciting Blessings and Support for Our Students and Teachers
-Ms. Usha Lamba