Suprio Bhowmick

Vice Principal Secondary School & Head of Academics

As an IB practitioner, I believe in empowering learners to apply acquired knowledge in the real world. The conceptual development of the principles of Vedas is – believing in yourself, understanding who you are, and bring out the secret power from every child. Education is the manifestation of perfection within every child. Expressing that Divinity from within is teaching and learning.

“One lion can rule this world and not millions of sheep, Be a lion,”
says – Swami Vivekananda.

The role of educators in growing global dynamics and new social viewpoints is evolving. Ideas such as ‘students as lifelong learners,’ ‘parents as stakeholders,’ and ‘schools as emotional sustenance centers’ are being investigated. So, it’s not like a teacher is lecturing and students are silently listening as it used to be. I believe that students should engage with the curriculum, explore it in every possibility and learn on their own. Individual emotions, attitudes, and ambitions influence how our children interact at school, at home, and in the community.

Today’s world is quickly changing; jobs are changing, and student’s approach towards education is changing as well. We must all comprehend and investigate areas of education that have a worldwide viewpoint.

A school must naturally have varied learning styles that suit each child and as Prometheans, I strongly believe in it and prepare our learners according to their needs.

About Suprio Bhowmick

Suprio working as Vice Principal – Secondary School and Head of Academics at Prometheus, has worked at prestigious international schools such as Beacon Academy Jakarta, Pathways World School, Good Shepherd International School, and The Daly College for the past 24 years, teaching the IB and Cambridge curriculum along with leadership assignments.

He also works with IB as a DP Consultant, Program Leader, Workshop Leader, Assistant Examiner, and CIS Evaluator. A graduate from Jadavpur University in Kolkata with a master’s degree in applied computer science.