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Learning Continuity During the Lockdown – Online Classroom Programme at Prometheus School

Online Classroom Programme During the Lockdown in India

With the COVID-19 outbreak having shut down regular operations of educational institutions, online learning is an important medium to maintain learning continuity for school children. Prometheus School, Noida, has always been driven to re-imagine conventional methods of learning and was among the first few schools to adopt to the new paradigm. Virtual live classroom sessions are being conducted across different grades from Pre-nursery to Middle school since 16 March. 

Effectiveness of education, especially in schools, is highly dependent on the connect between children and their teachers. At our end, from Day 1, students and teachers were equally excited to stay connected and continue their classroom learning experience through digital medium. The initial few sessions brought some challenges, which were overcome by the commitment and enthusiasm from students, teachers and parents. 

Promethean kids, always ready for new challenges, quickly adapted to the  quarantine methods of learning. Children from early-years program who attended their online classroom sessions with their parents, brought in self-initiated discipline by taking turns to respond to conversations.

Image: Children from Early Years programme in their online classroom session

Even when the sessions were conducted online, the learning engagements were driven by student choice. Also, the importance of teacher’s connect was re-established by this approach as the children were deeply invested in all the sessions they participated in. 

The teachers got creative and used all available resources to keep the learning going. There were instances when they used their household items as props to complement the discussion.

Image: Household items used as resources to complement online classroom sessions

The group of teachers also regularly organised collaborative planning sessions through virtual meeting rooms to tackle their practical challenges and discuss their schedules for subsequent weeks.

With the current scenario of social distancing, it is crucial to establish the importance of digital literacy. The students, along with their teachers explored an online learning application on the event of ‘World Water Day’. The engagement pushed for a student action wherein the children went on to create an online campaign to save water.  The campaign was aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 12, that promotes Responsible Consumption.

Image: Children exploring the ‘Padlet’ online learning app as a part of their learning session

The teachers leveraged multiple digital tools to augment the learning experience. One such instance was when ‘Spin the Wheel’ and ‘Roll the Dice’ activities were used for kids to have fun while they brushed on their conceptual understanding on multiplication of numbers. All such learning engagements were steered by choices of the student, motivating them to take ownership of their learning.

Image:  Children Playing ‘Spin the wheel’ as a part of their learning session on Multiplication

Come the second week of virtual learning and teachers were levelling up their creativity in finding different ways to improve learner engagement in virtual classroom sessions. For instance, in one of the math sessions, a bar of chocolate was used to explain the concept of fractions. The focus of all these sessions were to encourage the children to keep asking questions and develop their inquisitive self

Image: Children learning the concept of ‘Fractions’ through a bar of chocolate

Prometheus has always been focussed on children to develop a balanced personality and have an integrated learning from all subjects. Along with academic learning continuity, it is equally important to maintain good physical activity at this time of lockdown. The virtual classroom sessions also included engagements that encouraged the children to stretch their muscles even while they are indoors.

Image: Children learning how to maintain good Physical activity while staying indoors

Collaborative learning continued when ‘World Theatre Day’ was celebrated through a virtual assembly, wherein children along with their parents, interacted with a theatre artist through virtual conferencing.

Image: Virtual Assembly- Interaction with Theatre artist

As a part of the ‘Friyay’ activity, children had fun with wacky hairdos and learnt about flameless cooking of sandwiches. ‘Messy hair day’ shot the excitement levels of the class to a whole new level. The engagements had a lot of such cheerful instances that made online learning sessions more fun.

Images: Friyay with wacky Hairdos and ‘Messy Hair Day’

With the current scenario bringing unprecedented challenges in every front, it is really encouraging to see the children quickly adapting to changes. With the teamwork from the children, teachers and parents, the online learning sessions by Prometheus has been a huge success in providing learning continuity to all Promethean kids, with a good balance of academics and entertainment. 

In a welcoming move, Prometheus School is also extending the online learning experience to children from other schools around Delhi NCR. For more details visit – Project Based Learning Sessions

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