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Prometheus School to Introduce Virtual Classrooms Amid Coronavirus Scare

Prometheus School to Introduce Virtual Classrooms Amid Coronavirus Scare_16 march 2020
With schools closed, colleges shut down, anxious parents are worried about their children’s education as well as safety from the risks of the Novel Coronavirus. What came as a welcome move from a safety angle, has also jolted schools and guardians alike concerning the future of their children’s academic sessions with the mass shut down. Today, schools are looking for ways to ensure curriculum continuity, leveraging digital technology, to offer the best virtual learning experience to their students. Prometheus is herein setting an example for others, with its partnership with the Noida based Perseverance IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The school is starting to use Phando a publishing platform with a scalable virtual classroom app to address the ongoing learning needs.  

The growing need for virtual classes for Indian Schools

In India, there has been a dearth for virtual digital learning programs barring a few advanced and prominent schools. The main aim through these online classes is to provide students a safe, convenient and easy way to interact with their teachers and continue their academic learning through the digital medium. In collaboration with Phando Virtual Classroom, Prometheus School is all set to introduce virtual classrooms. These online classes are feature-rich, robust and fully-integrated to provide a seamless end to end learning experience for all users. They boast of functionality such as video conferencing, online chat facility, student polls etc. that make the ‘live classes’ both engaging and entertaining at the same time.
Diagram. Screen capture of a student poll using the Phando Virtual Classroom e-learning application

What is Virtual Classroom Application?

Prometheus School’s e-learning application developed by Phando Virtual Classroom helps in bringing teachers and students together on the same platform. Using the application, the teachers can schedule live classes easily. The students of a particular class can join these online classes from their homes and interact with the teachers through live chats, video conferencing facility as well as whiteboard sharing.
The teachers can provide notes, conduct presentations and even online polls through the virtual classroom. Teachers can switch from teaching mode that uses virtual whiteboards to video conferencing where they can interact face-to-face with their students in real-time.

Future Outlook

The customizable e-learning application is a revolutionary step in the education sector of the country. Through these classroom-centric applications, schools have a greater chance at continuing as well as completing their curriculum on time even during global emergencies like the current one. As the need for virtual learning continues to rise, partnerships such as this one, will be

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