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Role of Parents in an IB school

Parents Role in an IB Schools

Philosophies suggest that there are three primary teachers in the life of a student. The first teacher is the parent, second is the classroom teacher and third is the environment.

The child starts learning right from the womb. “Parents have first dibs on influencing the child’s brain,” said Patricia Kuhl, co-author and co-director of the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences at the University of Washington. The active participation of parents is utmost important in the upbringing of a child, but it is to be understood that their involvement doesn’t have to stop once the school life commences.

Active participation of parents in school life of a learner is an essential component of the educational experience. There are many statistics that show a significant growth in a child’s educational graph with the involvement of parents throughout. This is true specifically for the parent of an IB school student.

An IB school focuses on experiential learning and without the parent’s support it becomes difficult for the child to experience and connect these learnings to real life. In every classroom the parents are encouraged to share ideas, volunteer and extend resources where convenient for field visits or any other sources of exposure. In an IB school parents are just not passive members rather they have an equal part in the learning journey of their child.

A parent’s support is not restricted to supplement experiences surrounding the unit of inquiry, but also in imparting small and unique experiences surrounding their work, nature, family etc. For example, observing a caterpillar become a butterfly, taking a stroll with parents or parents discussing their day with the child can help in the development of children and open new horizons for them.

Parents are important stakeholders in collaborative planning not only limited to academic but also vocational workshops, events and orientations. At Prometheus our parent community has played an active role in their child’s learning journey.

For instance, parents regularly volunteer to read books in various languages and genres to celebrate the literary week, students create a joy box to celebrate the spirit of spreading happiness during festivities such as Diwali – the festival of lights in India; parents play a major role in encouraging the empathy and sharing as traits in children and partake in drives to donate to the needy, ; parents also actively share what the child is learning and implementing at home by sending videos and pictures.

These are just a few examples. Our parent community has taken a huge responsibility and their involvement continues to foster holistic growth of our students in various ways, rightly supplementing to the learning that happens at school.

At Prometheus, we are proud of our collaborative community of staff, students and parents – together we re-imagine learning.

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