Parents’ Voice

The past whole one year of learning at home has been absolutely wonderful for my daughter, Zoey. At the beginning of the online session, I wondered how she is going to sit in front of the screen...

It was wonderful to meet you this afternoon and I am so glad that we finally met! Although we showed up unannounced you were so gracious to receive us and show us around...

I really appreciate the effort put by the school. Thank you so much for giving Rishit an opportunity to visit Form-5 to show his hard-work and learning outcome on the Human body.

The unit on 'Water' has been exciting for Taksheel and he has learnt many concepts through discussion, inquiry, guest speaker, experimenting and so on...

It was wonderful to hear about all the recent developments in the school. I extend my heartiest congratulations to Pallavi ma'am she is certainly a great resource to have around.

We, Ankit Gupta and Chhavi Gupta, parents of Khyati Gupta hereby acknowledge and thank you and the whole Prometheus Org. Khyati is too small to express and understand these.

Its great to see that both teachers and kids are really working hard with online classes. Its all together a different experience not only for kids but for us as a parents also.

Dear Miss Ananta and Miss Bhoomika I am really overwhelmed sharing you one very nice gesture of Akshaj which definitely has been cultivated by you in his mind and soul...

Thank you for your mail. Our feedback is as follows, The timetable is very detailed and all the information ( homework, class schedule) is available in one place and it is extremely helpful.

I wanted to let you know that Myrah is really enjoying her online classes. She looks forward to connect with her friends and all her teachers through this medium, especially during these times.

It was a pleasure to see the hard work that you put in for our bundle of joy, formally and informally. It had been a relaxing moment for us at home to send Aviyukth to you in the School.

This has been long due.
Let me start with today morning, when Aanya woke up, peeped out from her blanked and said – I want to go to school!

Thank you for the online sessions you are conducting. Everydayy Sariah looks forward to meet and talk to you online. The joy you brought in her life that she has been missing due to non attending the school.