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deepa nanda
Deepa Nanda
Early Years Programme Coordinator

Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded.” – Jess Lair

Every child is unique who is constantly learning through his or her environment and experiences. Thus, our objective should not be to mould them the way we are rather we should help them discover themselves by being their facilitators and caregivers.
A child’s early years provide a strong base for lifelong learning and lay the foundation for his or her development. To provide them with the best early childhood experiences it becomes vital for any childhood educator to comfort their anxieties and nurture their needs. By nurturing and shaping a child’s life in a certain way, we are raising happy children.

Research continues to emphasize the importance of early childhood education as ‘an essential building block of a child’s future success’. Children learn best when they are given space for creativity and when they play. Play meets their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social needs. It enhances their language development and expression as they collaborate and interact with each other through pretend or dramatic play. Children are natural inquirers who learn best when indulging in different types of play and games. It also builds on their curiosity and imagination.
Tassoni suggests that “some play opportunities will develop specific individual areas of development, but many will develop several areas”.
With a strong belief in this ideology of Jane Piaget, we always strive to give the best learning experiences to our children by designing learning spaces for them both indoors and outdoors where they can explore, investigate and discover. Our focus is always on skill development to raise independent life-long learners who are future-ready. Through positive relationships and strong partnership between all stakeholders, we will be able to meet the needs of all children and nothing can stop them from being resilient, confident and self-reliant.

Our motto here is to build a culture of happiness and excellence and to enhance learning through collaboration and commitment. Inculcating growth mindset amongst students to suit the needs of a global citizen and implementing agentic learning are our main focus areas.

About Deepa Nanda

Our Early years coordinator, Ms. Deepa Nanda has been into early childhood education for over 15 years. Over the span of her career, she has worked at premier institutes such as Modern School, Humayun road and Pathways School , Noida. She excels at designing curriculums for the Early Years division and is a firm follower of the Reggio approach for child development.

Sonia Singh
Sonia Singh
Primary Years Programme Coordinator

What is in a question, you ask? Everything!” – John Dewey

Questioning is a skill that helps a child through his life to find answers. This is exactly our philosophy, encouraging our students to question and be curious. Being an educator for past 15 years has developed in me the belief that every child deserves to learn and grow and most of remember his primary years as years of happiness. Having taught in best of schools in Delhi NCR following CBSE, Cambridge and IB curriculum, it has convinced me towards the need for developing in our young primary students the appropriate skills to grow as global citizens.

My fascination for how students’ learn and the passion for new pedagogies led me to a career focusing on learning, teaching and training. I am is a strong believer the students need to make connections between the learning and the real-life experience to prepare themselves as the future Gen Z. We design our learning as a balance of technology and experiential learning to suit specific needs of all children.

It is my constant endeavor to inculcate in students’ attributes to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. We plan a curriculum to arouse curiosity developing them into inquiring, knowledgeable caring young students for a peaceful world.

My continued commitment to teaching, has seen me involved with students and teachers both. I train teachers through dynamic and ever evolving modules.

About Sonia Singh

Sonia Singh is B.Sc(Chemistry Honours) from St. Stephens College, Delhi University and a Master’s in education. She is a trained Instructional designer and content writer having created training modules and trained in person, corporate employess and teachers. She has an experience of working with CBSE, Cambridge and IBPYP schools. She has undergone various IB and Cambridge workshops, and has built her own repertoire of practices for teaching learning. She has also undergone various other training modules and is continuously upskilling herself in different pedagogies. She is also a certified National Geographic Educator. She conducts regular webinars and workshops for teachers across all schools to share best philosophies for effective student learning and teacher well being.

Ms Namrta Pande
Ms Namrta Pande
Cambridge Programme Coordinator

Imparting education means inculcating a love of learning in the hearts of the students and inspiring them to become responsible, creative, ethical, and compassionate individuals who take agency and equip themselves with the requisite skills for known and unknown challenges in future. In this context, W.B Yeat’s words, “ Nelson Mandela’s words “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire”, have been my guiding light.

I believe that the time at the secondary school is a golden period in which students explore a variety of learning opportunities and equip themselves with a multitude of educative experiences before they begin to engage in the pursuit of personal and professions passions. I take pride in our well-planned curriculum and appropriate guidance which helps students make the right choices in order to achieve their potential and finally their ambition.

Active learning approach is at the heart of our curriculum which provides opportunities to students to be constructively and focussedly engaged and involved with their learning. This approach is corroborated by our mission statement which says that we seek to create a community of curious lifelong learners through compassion, collaboration and creative pursuits. The Cambridge program with its wide variety of programs, supports and caters to the above stated essential need of our students.

About Namrta Pande

Ms Namrta Pande is a practiced and skilled mathematician who has completed her BSc(Hons) in Mathematics and Masters in Mathematics and from Delhi University. In addition to her teaching qualification, she is also a proficient speaker and teacher of German with an expertise level C2 on the CEFR(Common European Reference Framework) from Max Mueller Bhavan. She has been a part of the education sector for over 10 years now. She has a wide-ranging experience of working across boards like, CBSE, Cambridge and IBMYP. She has also attended multiple IB and Cambridge workshops to hone various aspects of her teaching and student management skills. She is also an IBMYP examiner with IBO. As well as a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator.

Pallavi Sharma
Pallavi Sharma
Assistant MYP Programme Coordinator

“I cannot be a teacher without exposing who I am” – Paulo Friere

As an educator, I resonate with the words of the Brazilian pedagogue who emphasizes the importance of critical consciousness and reflection. It is only through dialogues with yourself and the world that you can truly explore the possibilities for a change that you would want to see in the world.

Learning and teaching in the Middle School provides you with a space to explore and expose various facets of your being through ‘Inquiry, Action and Refection’. Through positive interactions and dialogues, an individual starts to nudge his/ her limits to explore the unknown and question the known.

At the heart of this exploration lies the security and support of the learning community. Relationships formed between adults and children during the formative years of the Middle school are that which have a lasting impact and we take great care in nurturing those.

We focus on empowering children to be critical conscious beings who take the onus for the guardianship of the planet.

About Pallavi Sharma

Pallavi Sharma is B.A. (Hons) Sociology from Miranda House, University of Delhi; M.A. Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Post-Graduate Diploma holder in Teaching and Learning from I Am A Teacher, Gurgaon. She is also pursuing her Master’s in Education from the University of the People, USA. Pallavi is an Individuals and Societies & Integrated Humanities educator and examiner. Before moving to IB, Pallavi had worked at the University of Mauritius and the Mauritius Institute of Education as a lecturer and teacher educator. She has also co-authored a Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) book ‘Gender Violence in Mauritius’. She has also worked with schools as a social science curriculum consultant. An avid learner, she has been equipping herself with the technical know-how for the 21st Century Skills. Inspired by the philosophies of Brazilian Pedagogue, Paulo Freire, Pallavi believes in raising critical consciousness through dialogic education. Through comprehensive curriculum and instructional design, she believes that not only children but various stakeholders can be nudged towards the path of lifelong learning & collective responsibility of the world.