Learning Spaces

New ideas about learning spaces in schools make learners—and learning—more successful. Since education is the core mission, learning and the space in which it takes place are of the utmost importance.

We have looked at Learning Spaces through the prism of Learning Reimagined.


The notion of the classroom has both expanded and evolved to meet the needs of the new Net Gen students. They are social and team-oriented, comfortable with multitasking, and generally positive in their outlook, they tend to thrive when they are allowed to have a fully immersive educational experience and they even enjoy the challenges of being a part of it. For instance, 51% of surveyed students said they learn best by doing while only 12% said they learn through listening. These same students also mentioned they tend to enjoy class discussions and interactive classroom environments over the traditional dissemination teaching method.

Our classrooms are equipped with technology that works best with the age group of children. For instance, in Primary classrooms, you would see cameras and increasing use of iPad and laptops provided by the school. The furniture is mixed to allow students who learn best in groups and those who prefer personal learning spaces. The classrooms are vibrant to support children’s natural curiosity through exploration and reflection.

By senior school, the focus shifts to intensified learning subject-wise and through online engagements with the experts and information. The classrooms are enriched with digital learning equipment and all students carry their laptops to school. The furniture is so arranged to give them more opportunities for group projects and discussions.


The library plays an important role in supporting teaching and learning in the classroom as well as inculcating the love for reading. The library at Prometheus hosts a range of resources that include the following:

  • Reading series such as Oxford Reading Tree, I can Read etc.
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • eBooks and journals
  • Online Research databases such as Gale
  • CDs and DVD
  • Newspapers
  • Teaching Resources

In addition, the library has a collection of books in different languages to support the mother tongue programme.

The spaces have been specially created to encourage reading and exploration of books. To this end, we also have different genres of books such as graphic novels, comic books, historical fiction, horror, fantasy and mystery amongst others, that appeal to different kinds of readers.

Hangout Spaces

In the spirit of Learning Reimagined, we have our corridors equipped for physical engagements and learning beyond the classroom walls. Proper board games, floor games, reading dens, workstations and some exercising equipment are so necessary for students to engage with and experience the world of physical fitness! They start to value the rush of endorphins after long sitting schedules as demanded out of their virtual world. Hang out spaces provide them with an opportunity to develop social skills as they get to work in collaboration with students from different year groups


Sports help children develop better ways to cope with the highs and lows of life. They primarily play to win and are not always best at losing but when they sport, children learn to lose. Being a good loser takes maturity and practice. Losing teaches children to bounce back from disappointment, cope with unpleasant experiences and is an important part of becoming resilient.

It also helps children to develop patience and understand that it can take a lot of practice to improve both their physical skills and what they do in school. They develop grit to succeed. They naturally appreciate and complement good shots and good players and ape their strategies to win.

No wonder, from time immemorial the importance of sports is recognized in all curriculums. IB looks at it with a very holistic view of remaining mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

At Prometheus, it holds a special place!

We have qualified instructors who have a wealth of experience in Sports, and we offer the following:

Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Golf, Shooting, Cricket, Horse Riding
Fitness: Yoga, Aerobics, Folk Fitness

Yoga and mindfulness are at the beginning of every day.


Science Lab:

There are three separate laboratories in the school for Chemistry, Biology, Physics. All the labs are fully equipped and ready to inspire a new generation of young Promethean scientists and enable them to develop their experimental skills to connect theory with the practical. Weekly hands-on projects ensure students have ample opportunities for inquiry-based explorations, problem-solving, evidence-based explanations, and critical thinking. Each lab has a storage room and a preparation area to store and prepare the chemicals and the equipment, before giving to the students. The storeroom and the actual workstations are adjacent but separate and inaccessible to students keeping the security protocol in mind.

The chemistry lab is equipped with a fume cupboard to facilitate some experiments, avoiding direct contamination. Lab coats and eye protection gears are provided to every student during laboratory hours. Physics Lab is equipped with data loggers and various sensors to perform experiments with high precision. Our laboratories are well supervised and proper safety protections are always maintained for the welfare of students.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT Lab): At Prometheus, we believe that engagement with technology has become a way of life for most of the world. To equip our children with the appropriate skills, we have an ICT laboratory which we are very proud of. Through it, we offer our students a cutting-edge learning experience and teach them skills that will hold them in good stead in any field in any part of the world.

Lego Robotics Lab:

Our Lego Robotics programme strengthens and supports students’ skills in developing their knowledge through the creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots. Students are introduced to Mathematics, Science, and Engineering; three components of the acronym, “STEM”, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Students are given the chance to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills early on and to allow their creativity to run wild as it increases the use of their creative imaginations.

Prometheus Town

Prometheus town is a place for holistic development made for primary children. It is an amalgamation of fun, inspiration and learning through realistic role-play. The space is themed as a child-sized replica of real-life spaces such as grocery stores, police stations, restaurants, etc. Children are often seen collaborating with their peers and constructing their knowledge through hands-on learning experiences.

Outdoor Spaces

The open-air spaces of our school contribute to a relaxed, focused experience for the child. Our indoor classroom activities are placed on open shelves for selection as interest and readiness inspire the child. Our outdoor environment offers a beautiful, developed playground with manipulatives, tricycles, pets, and gardens.


Art studio: Our Spaces created for Art rooms are aesthetically conducive to create fine pieces of art. We have three art studios, one for the Early Years, one for the Upper Primary and one for the Senior school. The spaces are Reggio-inspired and very inviting. They provide opportunities for the facilitator to introduce problem-solving techniques, which help the students to see the world in new ways and provide access to creative ways of knowing.

Recording studio: To provide students, a centre for cutting-edge research in contemporary art-music through creative work in music technology, composition, and performance, the school has a state of the art acoustically treated and professional-grade music recording studio. Within the recording room, our facilities include a Band rehearsal area, main tracking booth, 2 smaller soundproof rooms for individual / small group practice and monitoring- control room which is equipped to record all rehearsal and performances. Studio Built-Up

  • 4 rooms (1 rehearsal, 2 practice & 1 control room
  • Full soundproof walls
  • Fully carpeted floor
  • Soundproof ceiling
  • Soundproof double doors
  • Double glass windows between rooms
  • Drum platform

Dance Studio: Students experience the fun of dancing here. They also explore with the teachers traditional and folk-art forms. They have mirrors here which facilitate students to see themselves and others and improve their style of dancing, as they learn to express themselves through this interesting art form.

Musical Notes: This is where students explore and start to find their musical inclinations as they play on wind, string and percussion instruments. Teachers here are selected with good experience to encourage, identify and upskill students who have a natural flair for music and develop their talents to their full potential. Music is an essential part of our curriculum that aims to balance the whole spectrum of the child’s intelligence as it involves learning in the major domains of knowledge, skills, attitudes and feelings, and the senses.

Stage: A drama and performance studio. Drama allows the students to explore and develop feelings and ideas in a way that contributes significantly to personal, social and physical development. Students use this room to explore their oratory skills and look at improving their voice, diction and empathy towards characters as they begin to roleplay here.