Adventure Camps

Once a year the students of grades 4 and above go for adventure camps along with their classmates and teachers. Apart from academic learning, students must be equipped with life skills that prepare them to handle new situations as they arrive. In these camps, students learn to work effectively towards the accomplishment of physically challenging goals and learn to push themselves for common achievement. The children come out wiser and more mature as members of the world.

Field Trips

Academic learning in subjects is fortified by the field trips that subject teachers organize for their students. The primary purpose of field trips is to corroborate classroom learning by way of exposing them to real-world applications of the same. These trips also develop the understanding of the practical aspects that there might be for a concept learnt in a subject study. These trips are our endeavour to initiate well-rounded individuals into the international community.

Student Leadership

Being elected to the student council provides students with a unique opportunity to grow as a person. Not only do they get to advocate for their student body and pursue causes they’re passionate about, but they also get the chance to learn from others and develop leadership skills that will help them in both university and on the job.

The student council creates an environment where students meet regularly to collaborate on student-led initiatives. They get to meet different folks with different sets of skills and opinions. They also learn how to effectively collaborate with others and use empathy to guide them in their decision-making.

In secondary, the student council election process involves the announcement of eligibility criteria, nomination forms and presentations, campaigns and speeches, final voting followed by oath-taking.

Community Service

Service is considered an integral part of the way we live as active and caring members of the community, and involvement in service projects is of paramount importance. Students are encouraged to participate in service activities throughout their time at Prometheus School. We also support students who wish to pursue their service interests if they feel that there is a need that’s not being met. Prometheus School strives to ensure that every student has many occasions during his or her time here to put others first and to help to solve problems faced by the community.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Our Grade 8 students started the year with much gusto where they participated in DY Patil MUN from the 29th to 30th of August, 2020. it was an enthralling experience for our students since for most students it was their first MUN, albeit virtual. To initiate the students into the MUN, a series of training sessions with Ms. Syeda Sana, who is a well-known name in the MUN training, was organized. Ms. Sana’s expertise in public policy and communication skills has been an asset to our students. Dedicating weekends and post-school hours is evidence of our students’ enthusiasm and commitment.

Being part of different committees such as Economics and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN), Artificial Intelligence Committee (AIC), United Nations Women (UN WOMEN), etc helped the students in gaining a world perspective on the workings of international organizations. Moreover, interacting and collaborating with students of other schools, helped the students to hone their communication and collaboration skills.

Passion Project

The Inception of Passion Project was seen as an opportunity for students to explore their interests and learn to scaffold and organize learning experiences for themselves Students are placed in the driver’s seat of their learning and need tools to succeed while they have more control of their schedule and pace. A great way for the students to learn metacognition and reflection skills, goal setting and project management, growth mindset mentality, curiosity, digital skills, and information.


To create, nurture and sustain a sense of community, student-led assemblies are an important feature of our school’s life. Led by different year groups, the assemblies are a great way to hone the confidence and skills of students. Student Council meets once a week to plan assemblies & special events

F1 in schools

F1 in Schools™️ is the World’s Largest STEM Challenge where school students aged between 9-19 years design miniature Formula1 cars using CAD/CAM tools followed by manufacturing their designs on a CNC machine. The students also develop various life skills like project management, soft skills, problem-solving and critical thinking. A few of our interested students have been getting trained for the same and are all set for qualifiers which are scheduled in May.


A unique concept which identified the need for students to have social interactions with their peers in a non-academic set-up. Socials are designed to help students set goals for themselves and build positive relationships with peers. They can also lead to long-term societal benefits that extend far beyond the individual child.