At Prometheus, we believe that education is more than just academics; therefore, we strive to provide our students with a comprehensive education that goes beyond textbooks and lectures. That’s why we’re proud to offer a variety of enriching activities that allow our students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and make a positive impact in their community.

Adventure Camps

Every year, the Nursery and Kindergarten students embark on a day trip, while the first graders partake in an overnight camp at school. On the other hand, the second graders and above attend outstation adventure camps alongside their peers and teachers. In addition to academic knowledge, it’s crucial for students to acquire life skills that enable them to adapt to new circumstances. During these camps, students acquire social skills that aid in achieving physically demanding objectives, and they also learn to push themselves towards shared success. As a result of these experiences, the children emerge as more astute and mature members of society. The students have camped at various sites like Jim Corbett National Park, Rishikesh, Sariska, Aravalli Hills, Chail hills, Camp in Padam Puri near Nanital, Rangmanch Farms to name a few.  

Field Trips

Field trips are organized by subject teachers to supplement academic learning in various subjects. The main aim of these trips is to reinforce classroom knowledge by providing students with exposure to real-world applications. Moreover, these trips facilitate a deeper comprehension of the practical implications of concepts covered in the curriculum. By organizing such trips, our goal is to cultivate individuals who possess a well-rounded perspective and are equipped to contribute to the global community. 

Student Leadership

Becoming a member of the Student Council presents a distinctive opportunity for students to grow personally. It not only allows them to advocate for their fellow students and pursue causes they are passionate about, but it also enables them to learn from their peers and develop valuable leadership skills that will benefit them in their academic and professional pursuits. 

The student council provides a platform for students to convene regularly and work together on various student-led initiatives. Through this, they have the chance to engage with individuals possessing diverse skill sets and perspectives. They also acquire essential collaboration skills and learn to employ empathy in their decision-making. 

At the secondary level, the student council election process involves eligibility criteria announcement, submission of nomination forms and presentations, campaigning and delivering speeches, the final voting process, and the subsequent oath-taking ceremony. 

TED-Ed Student Talks

The TED-Ed program at Prometheus youth aims to spark and celebrate ideas and knowledge and bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. 

The TED-Ed program supports students in discovering, researching, exploring, and presenting their ideas through short TED-style talks. We invited the young, compelling speakers from Form 4 and 5 to present their ideas on ‘What Independence means to them?’ at the Independence Day assembly to mark India’s 75 Independence Day.  Through events like TED ED talks, we aim to spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and foster a culture of innovation among our students.

Junior Model United Nations (J-MUN)

The Prometheus J-MUN conference was more than a simulation of the United Nations – a unique project for students to discuss global topics and problems on a profound level, where we witnessed the transformative power of Prometheans.

Prometheus J-MUN’s vision is to enhance each attendee’s growth in every possible aspect like research, debate, oration, lobbying, social skills, teamwork and decision-making. Form 3 to 5 delegates participated in different committees discussing various issues. The goal was to think of and share the finest possible solutions to the problems discussed in their committee(s).

Delegates displayed their immense potential, and it was a clear demonstration of their thinking skills, communication skills, research skills, and social skills. In addition, they practised being inquirers, open-minded thinkers, knowledgeable, and communicators, thus showcasing the learner profile attributes.

Acing the Inter-School JMUN conference our students secured another triumph for our school at the #NESIM School, Mumbai!

The Prometheus J-MUN conference provided a platform for the students to prove their mettle and helped them develop the faith that they can change the world one step at a time!

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations, where students role-play as delegates to debate, negotiate and discuss various global issues. Our high school students began the academic year with great enthusiasm by taking part in Tarkshetra MUN, an event held at Delhi Public School. It was an exciting experience for our students, especially since most of them had never participated in MUN before. To nurture their passion for public speaking and enhance their negotiation, and diplomacy skills, the school initiated the MUN club. During MUN club sessions, students face complex global issues that require them to analyze problems, find solutions, and make difficult decisions. This helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Later in the year, the students eagerly participated in the Apeejay Interschool MUN (AISMUN) held in Faridabad. 

Service as Action

Community service is a fundamental aspect of our ethos as engaged and compassionate members of society, and active participation in service projects is highly valued. At Prometheus School, students are motivated to engage in service activities throughout their academic tenure. We also encourage and facilitate students who wish to pursue their service interests in areas that are not currently being addressed. Our goal is to provide every student with ample opportunities to prioritize the needs of others and contribute towards resolving challenges faced by the community.


To create, nurture and sustain a sense of community, student-led assemblies are an important feature of our school’s life. Led by different year groups, the assemblies are a great way to hone the confidence and skills of students.

F1 in schools

F1 in Schools™️ is a STEM challenge of global scale that involves school students aged between 9 to 19 years. Participants design miniature Formula1 cars with the aid of CAD/CAM tools and then manufacture them using CNC machines. Beyond the technical aspects of the challenge, the students also develop a range of life skills, including project management, soft skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Several of our students have participated in this competition and have received training for it. Our team of students Team LaVitesse”. Out of 55 teams from all over India that participated, the team ranked among the top 16 and got a direct entry in National Championship for 2024.