Secondary School Programme

The Secondary school carries forward the experiential learning process initiated by the Primary Years Programme. The program builds on the knowledge and skills the students are exposed to, in the course of their primary education through meaningful projects, field trips, local and global interactions and other engaging initiatives which can be suggested both by the teachers as well as the students. Students work in an open and receptive environment to ideate and express opinions without biases. Initiatives to innovate, create or invent are incentivized with applaud and appreciation and failure is not a taboo, rather it is looked at and reinforced as a path to improvement.

The Secondary school experience is dotted with multiple milestones. Students work individually as well as in groups to design and complete independently driven projects in different subjects. They learn a foreign language of their choice and are exposed to another country and its culture. They are orientated to develop an international mindset and a globally applicable skill set. We at Prometheus believe that as members of the world community, compassion and empathy are vital traits. We inculcate the same through our community outreach programs. As a part of this program, the students engage with communities of people as well as animals with a view to improving their quality of life and contribute to their overall well-being in myriad ways.

Through the Secondary schooling, the children not only get involved with the world around them but also follow their personal passion to work on and develop an area of interest which culminates into a project or a profession later in life.

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