At Prometheus School, the entire school community shares the responsibility for developing information-literate lifelong learners. Technology learning and teaching immerse students in the interplay between learning technology, learning about technology and learning through technology. Technology at Prometheus School facilitates creativity, design, innovation, and logical and computational thinking.

We have a fully equipped ICT lab with iMacs, iPads, and all necessary software/ applications that aid in effective learning. Mini-labs in each classroom caters to individual work and small group activities. We have the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for students in Grades 4 to 12 to enable digital accessibility in the ICT lab and the classrooms. Platforms like Toddle and Managebac facilitate student learning, reflection, and parent-school communication.

We also have a home-developed Mobile App, Prometheus Connect, to keep members of the school community updated with the latest happenings.

In addition, seamless high-speed wireless internet access is available for students, fully integrated with the latest firewall technology to prevent unauthorised access and content filtering on our campus.

To stimulate our young learner’s minds, we have a ‘Lego Robotics lab for an enhanced experience of artificial intelligence through constructing and learning.

Technology usage at Prometheus School fosters enhanced learning through seamless technology integration through individual and collaborative disciplined inquiry. It enhances student agency, enabling students to learn in any context—formally and informally, through individual and social learning and at any time and place. Students can also make connections beyond school premises and practically apply what they learn in school.