Prometheus presents to you our very own, state-of-the-art Sports Arena! The arena is equipped with an array of sports facilities which are at par with the international standards. We are on the quest to nurture future Olympians – helping them excel at sports by providing a world-class infrastructure along with highly trained coaching Staff. Sports is at the core of Prometheus along with excellence in academics. With our sports facility and faculty, we aspire to build students’ physical ability along with qualities of sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and emotional well-being.


Athletics is a collection of sporting events comprising various physical activities like jumping, running, walking, and throwing. Our athletics wing is dedicated to cultivating and nurturing young talent to create future Olympians. We train our students in the following sporting events:

  • Sprint
  • Relay race
  • Shotput
  • Discus throw
  • Long jump


Gymnastics involves physical exercises and demonstrations of balance, strength, coordination, endurance, and agility. At Prometheus school, we have 2 gymnastics halls, one dedicated to floor exercises that help build core strength and flexibility. The other hall has special gymnastics apparatus to build overall strength, balance, and coordination.

Apparatus used at Prometheus for training students include:

  • Vaulting Horse
  • Parallel bar
  • Balancing beam
  • Pommel horse


Our training program offers an advanced level for experienced players and a grassroot level for those just starting out. We have a synthetic basketball court equipped with all the resources. Our training program is designed with a systematic and scientific method to improve skills and development with the help of our high-performance coaches.


Prometheus school students can access our indoor Olympic standard badminton courts that offer international-level training and exposure.

The facility is wooden floored, and the badminton court is fitted with Yonex mats designed for better grip and improved gameplay.

It is a one-of-a-kind facility, and we are the only school in the world to have such a world-class badminton arena with 8 indoor air-conditioned courts. The school aims to identify budding Olympians and provide them with everything that helps them to realise their true potential.

Serve it, smash it, win it, and love it is our mantra.


Chess is a strategy game which involves a chessboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid and 2 players.

For churning students’ brains, we train them on chess, it allows them to think and strategize and plan their moves keeping in view their opponents strategy- our chess club helps stimulate the inquisitive minds of our young learners.


Cricket is a popular sport that people of all ages enjoy. We have our cricket academy to give the school students a whole cricketing experience. The turf and nets have been built under the guidance of specialists and all the necessary equipment and safety gear is provided to train them in the best possible environment. Students are encouraged to learn and participate in the sport from KG onwards. To ensure the highest quality of instruction, we are proud to have experienced coaches from well-known academies visit and teach our students from time to time.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is an essential part of the sports curriculum. We have a stable, well-groomed horses and specialised personnel to manage and maintain our equestrian arena.

Our budding equestrians enjoy riding and caring for our horses. With the help of our top-notch equestrian facilities, our students have participated in several state and national-level equestrian championships.


Shooting is offered to students from grade 7 onwards. Our school offers a platform for students to sharpen their shooting skills and improve their self-esteem, confidence, and focus. We have a team of certified coaches and professionals from Khelo India (SAI) talent identification and frequently held workshops and seminars by Arjuna Awardees and Olympians.

Our Olympic standard indoor shooting range comprises 10 manual and 1 SIUS target machine. In addition, we have a 10-meter range equipped with 2 electronic pistols and 1 rifle operating according to the regulations prescribed by the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF).


Prometheus highly emphasises training our students to excel in life skills such as swimming, offering the best Aquatics facilities at par with Olympic standards.

Along with the supervision and mentorship of NIS-qualified coaches with numerous years of experience, our 50 meters, 5-lanes Olympic-sized, all-weather swimming pool offers students an internationally competitive space to nurture their swimming skills. In addition, students can learn and compete amongst the best swimmers as our facility is run by Tairak Sports Academy, where national and international swimmers come to practice.


Squash is known to improve cardiovascular health as in involves running, leaping, and stretching. It is a great tool for increasing flexibility and strengthen muscles.

Our Squash facility helps nurture the talent of Students who want to excel at Squash at the national and international level.


Tennis is a great workout and it increases aerobic capacities. It is known to improve muscle tone, strength, metabolic function and increase reaction time.

Our tennis court provides a great opportunity to our students to master this fast-paced sport and practice to compete at the international level competitions. We have a dedicated coaching team for all racquet sports.

Table Tennis

This indoor game remains one of the world’s most renowned games. With 15+ top-of-the-line table tennis boards, we provide students with the best-in-class resources and facilities at par with Olympics standards, incessantly encouraging our young champions to aim for the ultimate glory, i.e., an Olympic medal.


Prometheus is the only school that is adjacent to a golf course. An 18+ 9-hole golf course next to the school is a blessing to aspiring golfers. Students passionate about golf can avail themselves of post-school sessions where they get all the world-class facilities to “Ace” their game. It’s a cherry on the cake that our Founder and chairperson is an avid golfer who rigorously promotes it and sponsors various events. India has a vast potential for golf, and Prometheus wants to support fledging golfers and help India be amongst the top golf-playing nations in the world. Top golfers from India are frequent at our school due to our close association with the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI).


The students from Grades 1 through 12 have been separated into batches, allowing them to select any sport they like. Footballers have been given the opportunity to become superior athletes on and off the field, with coaching focusing on technical and tactical aspects, plus values like respect, punctuality and obedience. The students are passionate about football and benefit from regular training and playing in school, with plenty of coaches available to help them advance. The coaches have tailored objectives for each age group, from Grades 1 to 5, emphasizing their motor and cognitive abilities through entertaining activities. For the older kids, from Grades 6 to 12, the objectives are more complex, with added endurance and conditioning for their football fitness and tactical understanding.