Core Beliefs

As an innovative educational institution, we aim to provide the spark to ignite a community of people by making learning fun and challenging to our students.

It is imperative that we encourage our students to actively participate in physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual pursuits throughout their lives. We believe that we have the duty to foster the holistic growth and development of each student through active, creative and cross-cultural education across four levels:





Intellectual Level – We place the learner at the center of the curriculum, and have teaching and learning practices that are designed to optimize learning. Learning through exploration and real-life connections, through inquiry is our prime focus which promotes the development of higher order thinking skills. The curriculum caters to the modern day requirements of skills and fosters an appreciation of history, literature and various art forms – performing and visual.

Physical Level – While offering a fully equipped ‘The Arena’ (sports block) where students can select from a wide range of sports and physical activities, guided by best-in-class coaches, we continually encourage our children to participate in a sport or activity. These help to strengthen agility and coordination. Sports help in developing team spirit and respect for rules. Through sports one learns how to deal with setbacks in life.

Emotional Level – We celebrate plurality of our country and respect the richness of our nation in all forms geographic, cultural, and linguistic. Respecting our elders should be a personal value cherished by everyone. Through International Exchange Programs, our children should attain global exposure in line with the Indian belief of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”.

Spiritual Level – Founded on the rich traditions of our country, Prometheus School prepares students to take responsibility of their own lives, citizenship and service in the global community while taking pride in being Indians. Being an inward journey, spiritual development is at the core of our values and functions. The purpose of infusing spirituality into classrooms is to lay the groundwork for self-determination, belongingness, an affinity for the unknown, peace of mind, oneness with nature and a sense of self beyond physical reality.