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November 16, 2019 @ 9:00 am - November 18, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

November 16 @ 9:00 am to 6:00 pm – November 18 @ 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Istoria’s schedule

“Welcome to Prometheus Town!”

Age group: 3-5.5 yrs.

Listen to stories!

Play some music!

Enjoy the role play stations!

Tell your story!

Have loads of fun!

Feel the magic!

“The Dragon who couldn’t’t breathe fire”

Age group: 3-10 yrs.

This is a story about ‘being different’.
A little dragon feels sad because he can’t
breathe fire like other dragons.
He runs away from home in search of
the secret of breathing fire.
A friendly witch tries to help him with
her magic …will he be able to breathe fire?
Will the witch be able to help the dragon?
Come & find out!! Be ready to feel the
‘magic’, enjoy ‘juggling’ and other ‘circus

“JOJO and his lost SHOE”

Age group: 3-5.5 yrs.

Story telling through clowning with live music and songs.

About the story

JOJO and his lost SHOE is a story about a clown and his lost shoe and how he manages to find his shoe. One morning when he was getting ready to meet his friend he finds out that one of his shoe which he was about to wear was missing. He tries to find that shoe but is unable to do so. He calls the police for the same. Police also is unable to solve the case of the missing shoe. Police tell him that it seems that his shoe ran away. This news saddens the clown, but he suddenly he remembers that he has to meet his friend. So he rushes to meet her and when he meets her, he finds his lost shoe on his friends Foot! But how ??? What was going on after all!
Come and find out!


“Gulliver’s travels”

Age group: 6-14 yrs.

Gulliver’s travels is a story of freedom, determination, strength, conspiracy, compassion, friendship and most of all a story of acceptance.

It’s not a love story, but a story of love . Gulliver gets washed over the shores of the land of Lilliput by a sea storm, and is captured by the Lilliput’s. He is at first a prisoner, and despite his huge power of being a giant, he is very nurturing to the Lilliputs .

He negotiates for his freedom. Though he is plotted to be killed. He escapes and continuous to search for true friendship and does not take his own power of love for granted, but offers it to his true friends.

“Material Mala”

Age group: 6-14 yrs.

About the show

A story which explores the dynamics of a consumerist society in relation to its garbage, through the lens of a young rag-picker, Mala. The lives of a rag-picking community revolve around a garbage mountain. A race ensues each day for the ‘best trash’. In the midst of this chaos, Mala finds happiness in creating toys out of the ‘worst trash’. Unbeknownst to Mala, these toys come alive out of her sheer regard and love for them.

Meanwhile, a click-bait tweet depicting the inhumane conditions of the rag-pickers goes viral and the government, in a knee-jerk reaction imposes a ban on rag-picking at the garbage mountain. With the community losing their livelihood, the unattended garbage mountain spills out of control.

How will Mala deal with this crisis amidst the whispers
of an uprising angry spirit of the garbage mountain?
Material Mala is a  theatrical production featuring various forms of puppetry.
A majority of the set and puppets are made using recycled materials.


“Moostaki ki jadui moochein”

Age group: 6-14 yrs.


Moostaki, the moustache man, is out to tell everyone’s secrets! A lot can happen with MAGIC…but only if you have a moustache!! Do you have one?…Great!!….WHAT?…You DON’T?? Oh! NO!!! quick….grow one!

“A fun story telling with a lot of drama, and live music!”

Age group: 6-14 yrs.

About the play

Jahaan comes to live next door to Susie and in a ‘blink’, they become best friends. Well, they are inseparable! Susie does not have any friend other than Jahaan though. And the cause for it is- “SUSIE SPEAKS WITH A LISP”. The kids at school laugh at her, Mukund and other boys in the neighbourhood tease her by calling her “TOOTHIE”.
One day, a fed up and upset Susie decides to quick fix her problem by not speaking at all. How is Jahaan’s reception to this decision of hers? Her best friend has stopped talking? He needs a plan but WHAT IS THE PLAN? Come and find out!


…let’s revisit our childhood…

…a play for parents and adult siblings!


“Paper’s Fantasy”

Age group: 6-14 yrs.

The focus of the play is to explore and experience the material i.e. Paper. The moments, situations and fantasies explored during the process with the material have been thoughtfully knitted in a way that a young viewer can easily connect with the performance. It tells a story about a housing complex and people living inside it how their daily life gets affected by darkness and shadows. There is something about the power of a sheet of paper. At first glance. A blank piece of paper is exactly that- Blank! In other words, it’s a whole lot of nothing. On the flip side, it can also represent a world of possibilities.
So many times we start with a blank piece of paper and slowly our imaginations take off into landscapes & fantasies.

Come and experience the magic of paper story-telling! And lets dive into the Paper’s Fantasy!

Suggested workshops:

  • Puppet making
  • Best out of waste
  • Improvisational theatre
  • Poetry OPEN MIC
  • Parents Workshop


November 16, 2019 @ 9:00 am
November 18, 2019 @ 6:00 pm


Prometheus School
Prometheus School, I-7, Jaypee Wish Town. Sector 131.
NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh 201304 India
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+91-9999-876-583, +91-9999-876-584
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