Beware of fraudsters who claim that they can influence the admission of a child to Prometheus School. All prospective parents kindly note that:

  • No payment other than the components detailed in the fee structure will be requested by any members associated with Prometheus School
  • Cash payments are not accepted towards payment of school fees
  • The admissions process at Prometheus School is carefully managed to maintain transparency at all times and will always be aligned with the values and ethics of the school
  • Prometheus School does not have any counselor appointed for the admissions of international students and follows a direct admission process for all students alike
  • The fee structure does not change based on the nationalities of students.

If the prospective parents encounter any instance of misalignment with the admission process, they must notify the school management by sending an email to communications@prometheusschool.com. This includes any request for additional payment or claims towards influencing the admissions process, irrespective of their association with Prometheus School.

Any parent failing to inform the school about the attempts to subvert the admissions process will have their child removed from the waitlist for admissions.