The Journey from Teaching to Learning

The Journey from Teaching to Learning

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn”

-Benjamin Franklin

The term ‘teaching’ makes one think of the traditional lecture methodology. One will find themselves visualizing a classroom with some students staring vacant-eyed, some fidgeting in their seats and some sneakily dozing. All this while, at the head of the class, stands a teacher with a book in her hand droning about a topic. On the contrary, the term ‘learning’ enables one to visualize bright-eyed students, putting their thinking caps on and actively participating in the task at hand. Overseeing them and providing help wherever needed is the teacher.

While we are all aware that teaching has its importance and has been around since time immemorial, learning is more important. Teaching might take place however at that time, learning might not.

At times, teachers say that a student is disinterested in studies. Let us ponder on this statement. It is impossible to teach a disinterested student however, it is possible to help a student learn. Teachers

must realize that only theoretical knowledge will leave the students ill-prepared for the future. Only when this theoretical knowledge is supported by the practical, will the student be truly prepared. The first-hand experience will ensure that even a student disinterested in studies picks up knowledge and learns. A teacher aims to ensure that students gain new knowledge, but is that all? While the process of teaching might be focused on students acquiring new knowledge, learning focuses on students gaining insight from the knowledge received and applying it in relevant situations.

To ensure students continuously challenge themselves, it is important that first teachers continuously challenge themselves; this opportunity is rightly provided at Prometheus School. Instead of deciding what to teach, the teachers at Prometheus first understand which skills are needed by our students, how can the skills be built and what information will be needed to master those skills and apply them in real-life scenarios.

If we were to discuss the role of a teacher in today’s time, it is no longer restricted to giving knowledge but has evolved to guiding students and assisting them in learning for themselves. The teacher challenges the students by giving them a problem. The teacher then helps them formulate ideas, encourages them to explore, and provides the resources which enable them to solve the problem. Thus, a teacher is no longer only a teacher but grows to become a facilitator.

Learning at Prometheus is learning reimagined. It is the era of change, and the process of teaching-learning can no longer be stagnant. Here, it has evolved continuously to keep abreast with the changes. As students getting ready for their future, we at Prometheus School involve our students in the teaching-learning process by placing them in the driver’s seat. By doing so, we are empowering them to be life-long learners. We ensure that our students become learners in the truest sense. We hone their skills to prepare our students to get ready to drive with confidence towards a future that is bright, come what may.

We believe that a student doesn’t necessarily need to be taught to learn something. Hence, to guarantee that learning is truly reimagined we encourage our staff to throw the garb of a teacher and instead, don one of facilitators or better yet an educator.

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