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Middle School Program (grades 6-10)


We are aspiring to become an MYP school and have initiated the required documentation and implementation process.

In the middle school we follow a student centric approach which builds on the prior learning and skills acquired in the PYP. For a wholistic development and to receive a well-rounded education, students are exposed to a multitude of subjects including English, a second language (we offer French, Spanish, and Hindi), Mathematics, Science, Individuals and Societies, Design, Visual Arts, Performing Arts as well as Physical and Health Education. An important aspect which is all pervasive in the teaching process is application of knowledge to actual life situations. The children are encouraged to take up projects and tasks which call for an application of their learnt concepts to propose solutions to real world issues. Their ‘in class’ learning is supplemented by ‘learning without walls’ which comes through regular field trips and once a year ‘adventure camps.

Senior Program

With a view to making our students future ready, we focus on the development of ‘Approaches to Learning’ (ATL) skills which allow students to work in teams, understand and accept perspectives, discuss and debate to come to a common consensus and put plans into action. We promote the spirit of inquiry in the learners and encourage them to challenge the status quo and propose changes for a better future. We also inculcate international mindedness in our learners by introducing them to the practices and cultures around the world and sensitizing them to other communities and groups of people. They are also encouraged to develop empathy towards the disadvantaged members of our world through the school’s community service initiatives.