Cambridge AS & A Level

Cambridge A Levels Programme at Prometheus School: YOUR PASSPORT TO SUCCESS

Prometheus School offers Cambridge International A Level Programme for students in Grade 11 and 12. This provides for the holistic and experiential nature of learning that balances knowledge, understanding and skills, and ensures success for students. This Programme has a proven reputation for being an excellent preparation for university, employment, and life. It provides in-depth knowledge and understanding which prepares students for admissions to universities worldwide. Through this programme we aim to develop lifelong curious learners who can thrive anywhere in the world.

Cambridge International A Level programme is a two-year course, and Cambridge International AS Level is one year. Some subjects can be started as a Cambridge International AS Level and extended to a Cambridge International A Level. The qualifications have worldwide recognition and are globally benchmarked.

This programme develops independent thinking skills which are highly appreciated by universities. Students apply knowledge and understanding to new as well as familiar situations, handle and evaluate different types of information sources and think logically and present ordered and coherent arguments.

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Subjects on offer at Prometheus School

S.No.Subject NameSubject CodeBandOptions
1English General Paper (AS Level)8021Band 1Compulsory
2Mathematics9709Band 2Any one
3Art & Design9479
7Information Technology9626Band 3Any one
8Computer Science9618
11Physics9702Band 4Any one
13Psychology9990Band 5optional
14GPR9239Band 6optional
Cambridge IPQoptional

Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma

The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma is an international curriculum and examination system that emphasises the value of broad and balanced study. There are over 50 Cambridge International AS and A Level subject to choose from across four subject groups:

  • Group 1: Mathematics and Sciences
  • Group 2: Languages
  • Group 3: Arts and Humanities
  • Group 4: Interdisciplinary subjects (optional)