Additional Learning Support

We at Prometheus have inclusive education as one of our genesis principles. We strongly believe that each child, regardless of his or her learning style, pace, or preference, should receive high-quality education with a meaningful curriculum through effective teaching. In our endeavour to make learning and knowledge accessible we have a well-established Additional Learning Support department. Students with mild to moderate Learning Disabilities, Slow Learners, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and other Cognitive deficits are offered support by the specialist facilitators in this department.

The Additional Learning facilitator supports the students through remediation, in-class support, home programmes, modification and adaptation of the regular curriculum as per the individual needs of the child. The students are assisted in developing their organizational skills, social skills as well as emotional skills. The facilitator works in close collaboration with the parents at every stage for the overall development and progress of the child as we do believe that they play an integral part in their child’s learning. Together we hope to make a positive difference.