Additional Learning Support

Prometheus School is an inclusive school with resources to provide learning support & assist the needs of diverse learner’s (SLD/ ADHD/ processing deficit) from mild to moderate range.

additional learning support at Prometheus school

Enrolment procedure:

The students are enrolled to the ALS department on the basis of outside  evaluation done by the Clinical Psychologist which covers the domains across academic, behavioural, socio emotional needs of the child.

Preparation of an IEP

The ALS teachers design an IEP (Individualised Education Plan) for the students with learning needs, attention & organization difficulties. The purpose of the IEP is to address the specific areas where there is a gap between the student ability and student performance as indicated by the testing done by the Clinical Psychologist.

Levels of support

The Additional learning support Department comprises of trained special educators (RCI Certified) with the healthy ratio of 1:5 in a classroom remedial intervention.

The support is provided at three different levels:

  • In Class Support: The ALS teacher scaffolds the teaching instructions in small components simultaneously with the mainstream lessons which leads to increase in the understanding and active participation of the child in the class.
additional learning support at Prometheus school
  • Pull out sessions: The ALS teacher provides one on one assistance during these lessons to impart the skills according to the needs of the child that could bridge the learning gap, keeping on par with the progress of the class.
  • Modified curriculum: The ALS teacher designs and runs a parallel curriculum which consists of content as per the functioning level of the child and fulfils the criteria of MYP. The assessments are moderated by the required subject teachers. As the child progresses gradually, he or she is recommended for a phased transition to the mainstream classroom learning.
additional learning support at Prometheus school

Learner’s Space

A learning workspace equipped with multisensory resources like sensory wall with the purpose to improve the tactile perception and enhance sensory integration process. Furthermore, the resource room also has a reading corner to provide children with a calming space to enhance their attention span while reading along with that graphomotor activities to get the essence of writing on different textures, kinetic sand, designing a poster using variant writing tools like tripod grippers for enhancing fine motor skills.