Behavioural Counselling

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body is an age-old quote we have all known. In today’s times the opposite holds more weightage, a healthy mind is a prerequisite of not only a healthy body but also scholastic achievement and holistic development of our students.
Today’s fast paced, egocentric and competitive world along with the traditional social and emotional support systems on a decline pose an increasing demand on our youth apart from the pressure of the curriculum. Dealing with stress, anger issues, loneliness, bullying, interpersonal relationships and various pressures are a few examples of a low emotional and adversity quotient in our youngsters.

The educational institutions worldwide realize the importance of laying equal emphasis on the social and emotional well-being and empowering the future generations with coping mechanisms to better deal and negotiate with the world around them. Five out of the ten key characteristics of the IB learner profile too emphasize on this need of the hour.
The mission statement and the vision of the Prometheus School clearly reflects its commitment to this aspect of the student’s life. Our intention is to provide a safe and secure ecosystem which facilitates and fosters overall development and well-being of our students and support all stakeholders who collaborate to make it a reality. It will surely equip our students with better resilience and other emotional competencies and make way for them to thrive in the various domains of life whether it is academic, career, social/emotional or contributing to the society at a global level.