Behavioural Counselling

The mission statement and the vision of the Prometheus School clearly reflects its commitment to build a strong pastoral care system in the school. Our intention is to provide a safe and secure ecosystem which facilitates and fosters overall development and well-being of our students and support all stakeholders who collaborate to make it a reality. It will surely equip our students with better resilience and other emotional competencies and enable them to thrive in the various domains of life whether it is academic, career, social/emotional or contributing to the society at a global level.

At Prometheus, we recognize that every child must reach its potential and the school endeavours to bring out the best in the child. To help students achieve their best, we aim at cultivating compassion, patience, and a growth mindset to allow students to develop healthy and respectful relationships with self and others. To help students, reach these heights, we have a dedicated Counselling Department in place, a team that is dedicated to help students with personal, emotional, and psychological concerns.

Counsellors at Prometheus work closely with students assisting them with understanding their qualities, to deal with their feelings/emotions and build life skills. They utilize an assortment of procedures to help students through their emotional and conduct worries, just as resolve any conflicts. Parents and teachers are free to see the Counsellors to discuss matters regarding a student’s emotional well-being or social concerns and allude them. The School offers free Counselling service to students enrolled at Prometheus School. At Prometheus we encourage students to avail the Counselling Service through drop-in sessions. Additionally, students avail Counselling Services on weekly basis or as per requirements Besides, the Counselling team conducts life-skills lessons for students to ensure and build a strong pastoral care system which would prepare students to venture out as global citizens. The Counsellor likewise conducts well-being sessions for teachers and parents to provide guidance and strategies to help students at home and at school.