University Guidance

Our university guidance counsellor initially spend time understanding each student, carefully assessing their higher education and career goals, before assisting and planning their college applications. We at Prometheus understand that it is a huge task to keep track of what is needed to get into one’s desired institution for further studies. Our counsellor is always present to help students, supporting them through the process right from Grade 6 until they are accepted into the universities of their choice.

Our counselling programme helps students develop academically, socially, and culturally to realize their full potential as unique human beings who can thrive anywhere in the world. We understand the complexities of finding and applying to the right colleges. Our counsellor conducts individual and group sessions with students, teachers, and parents as early as Grade 6 through to Grade 12. Students are offered opportunities like summer programs; industry connect workshops; internships; career fairs etc. to help them gain knowledge about career trends and academic requirements. Parents are free to meet the counsellor on an appointment-basis to discuss their child’s applications.

Prometheus is a SAT and a UCAS registered Center. Additionally, we conduct the PSAT Exam for our Grade 10 students in school which allows them to familiarize themselves with standardized testing and plan for the SAT/ACT as per their strengths and college requirements.