IB MYP (Form 1-3)

Middle Years Programme (MYP 1-3)

IB (Middle Years Programme is a broad-based curriculum framework which encourages students to inquire, explore and evaluate independently. MYP is offered to students aged 11-14. It is a skill-based programme which empowers students to understand and attempt to solve local, national and global issues thus connecting them to the real world.

The student is at the heart of the MYP curriculum who learns concepts, skills and content through the lens of global contexts.

MYP offers a holistic curriculum where students study various disciplines and make interdisciplinary connections through an inquiry-based approach. The subjects offered in grades 6-8 (MYP 1-3) are listed below:

  • English Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Language Acquisition (French, Spanish or Hindi)
  • Design (Product and Digital)
  • Arts (Visual Arts, Music and Drama)
  • Physical Health and Education

To help our young learners, become effective communicators, Prometheus School has a unique reading writing programme curated by Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Continuum. This involves determining students reading and writing levels, creating cohorts, providing guidance, and differentiated instructions to develop skills of reading and writing.

We at Prometheus believe that children are not just citizens of a nation but are global citizens. To inculcate this, we offer students the opportunity to participate in the International Global Citizen’s Award. It is a non-competitive award which encourages students to explore other cultures, work with peers in varied capacities, take small actions to raise global awareness. Students reflect on their actions and its impact on people and the environment.

Each student has a unique area of interest which needs to be honed. Students of MYP 1-3 (Grades 6-8) are offered the opportunity of selecting an additional club from Entrepreneurial Club, Debate Club and MUN Club.

Giving back to the community is an essential aspect of life at Prometheus through our Community Action and Service (CAS) Programme. Animal welfare, women empowerment, etc. are some student- led CAS initiatives we offer. Students of MYP 1-3 select one of the above based on their area of interest.